In a world in which it is entirely possible to purchase a blanket with arms and processed cheese in an aerosol can, there doesn’t seem to be anything you cannot buy if you’re willing to look hard enough. As such, none of us should be surprised by one of the most recent trends in summer eyewear: bridal sunglasses. Yes, they are real.

Bridal sunglasses are the hottest trend coming from an industry that has very little to work with. Let’s face it, sunglasses are pretty basic. There is not much room for technological improvement, so designers have to come up with more creative ways to get people to buy new models.

One of the methods they recently hit on is theming. It is a strategy that involves creating specific models of sunglasses to reach a target audience based almost entirely on what they look like. Bridal sunglasses are a fitting example.

Sunnies for Your Entire Party

Imagine being a bride-to-be with a large bridal party to account for. Bridal etiquette says you thank them all for their participation by gifting them with at least one small gift. Many modern brides actually spend money on multiple gifts. As such, there is a huge industry catering to the concept of bridal party gifts. Enter bridal sunglasses.

Bridal sunglasses are intended for both the bride and her attendants. Of course, she gets a special pair given that it’s all about her. Her maid of honor and bridesmaids receive sunglasses that are similar yet different enough to make the bride’s pair distinct.

White is a favorite color, as are varieties of pinks and yellows. Any of the colors you would normally see in a summer wedding are up for grabs. But color is not the only consideration. Almost all bridal sunglasses are embellished in some way.

Make Sure Everyone Knows

Embellishments are designed to make sure everyone outside of the bridal party knows what’s going on. For example, you might see a pair of bridal sunglasses intended for the bride-to-be studded with fake rhinestones. Along the top might be a small plate with the word ‘Bride’ engraved on it.

Complementary pairs worn by the bridal party would be similarly studded. They would be labeled ‘Maid of Honor’ and ‘Bridesmaid’ as needed. If the entire bridal party should head out to the beach for a day soaking up the sun, everyone they encounter along the way will understand right away what’s going on.

Ideal for Summer Weddings

Before you roll your eyes in subconscious sarcasm, consider the value of sunglasses as a bridal gift. They are ideal for summer weddings, according to Salt Lake City-based Olympic Eyewear. If you are not sure why, just go online and look for outdoor wedding pictures.

How many weddings have you attended where the entire bridal party squinted against the sun during the post-ceremony photo shoot? That arduous 60 minutes under the sun would have been a lot more comfortable had the bridal party been wearing shades.

Since most weddings in the U.S. are performed from late spring through early fall, the majority of wedding pictures are taken outdoors. Furthermore, we all know how important it is to protect our eyes against UV rays whenever we are outdoors. So it makes sense for bridal parties to wear eye protection during the photo shoot.

The problem is that sunglasses don’t look too attractive. But if the party is rocking sunglasses designed specifically for wedding shoots, the game changes.

Yes, bridal sunglasses are real. Whether or not they will last is anyone’s guess. But for now at least, they are hot.