Are you planning to attend an Asian event, like the wedding on an Indian or Pakistani relative? Not only should you dress accordingly but also carry it confidently to create the best impression. That’s the way to tell your relative (or friend) and you respect and adore their tradition. However, besides buying a gorgeous dress from an Asian clothes shops Birmingham, you should learn to carry yourself with grace and confidence. Here are a few tips to help you in your endeavour.

Try wearing the dress a few more times before the event

You should practise walking in the dress to get rid of any discomfort that you may feel due to the flares and frills of the attire. And yes, the Asian dresses are full of them. Try wearing it a few times at home and walking up and down the stairs, if possible. With some practice, you will get used to walking gracefully in the attire, thus reducing the chances of wardrobe malfunction.

Wear flats in the beginning

You should go for high heels only if you’re fully confident of yourself and the attire you’re wearing. Otherwise, it’s safe to go for flats. You can find a variety of designs in flat sandals and match one that suits the colour and style of your dress. There’s no need to wear boring sandals. You can experiment with your looks but wear heels only if you feel comfortable.

Choose how to carry your dupatta

This is a trick that you have to learn with practice. You will come across a variety of styles to drape your dupatta, but you should pick the one that not only feels comfortable but also enhances your appearance. For example, if you pin the dupatta on your shoulders and put it tightly around your neck, you won’t be able to flaunt its bling. However, if you pin it on one shoulder and rest it on another, the designs and embellishments on it can be displayed properly. So choose the way you want to go with it.

Pair it up with fashionable jewellery

Any Asian dress is incomplete without jewellery. If you want to tone down a bit, you can go for gold and diamond sets to evoke a sense of sophistication. You can also wear heavy gold jewellery, but it may be a little on the expensive side. Wear stones instead. They will enhance your beauty without needing you to spend a fortune.

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