In the modern world, a person has to attend a large variety of events. He should be his stylish best in all of them. He needs to be elegant, classy, and look situation appropriate in all of those events. However, many are confused about what looks best with what. A person who has the most extensive collection of clothes and accessories is no different. Sometimes you might have a plethora of elegant clothing pieces. But the defining factor is you should know how to use these to put together a look, which creates an impact on the onlookers.

A navy suit has become the most trusted attire by men when they are in a dilemma about what to wear. They wear it for a variety of situations ranging from an office party to the most important interview. If paired with the right outfits and accessories, you can look hot and handsome.

The most important thing is the selection of a tie and shirt to wear with a navy suit. However, many people are confused about what kind of shirt and tie goes with the suit. The selection of a tie and shirt with the navy suit requires a little imagination. This article presents you with different ways to style your suit, one of which can choose depending on the occasion. Let’s talk about the colors and textures that go well with the suit.

The classic white shirt is the number one option you can pair a navy suit with. It is a clothing piece that you can never go wrong with the suit. It helps you achieve a sharp, crisp, professional look. It is the ideal choice for an interview, a corporate meeting, or an office setting. You can pair it with a solid red or burgundy tie to create a professional look. You can make the look more informal by adding a pop of color in the tie. For a more casual setting, you can pair this combination with a checked red or patterned tie.

Another great option is a light blue or light pink shirt. The center of attraction remains the suit, and the shirt subtly uplifts the classy look the suit creates. As with the case of the white shirt, you can pair it with a printed or solid tie.

You can add more style elements to the look by adding checks or stripes on the shirt. However, when you do that, make sure the tie is in solid dark color. Two printed clothing pieces might not go well together.

However, a dark-colored shirt is a big mistake which you must avoid at all costs. A black or brown shirt can spoil the look and make you look ill-dressed.

Another crucial factor is the texture of the shirt or tie. The navy suit can be worn throughout the year if you choose the right fabric for the clothing pieces. You can choose lightweight fabrics like linen for the suit and cotton for the summers. Winter demands heavyweight materials for better protection from cold.

What you should altogether avoid is a shiny fabric. It can make you look cheap instead of classy and elegant.