Diamond jewellery is a perfect gift for anyone, even if they are a present to yourself. They are not only classic, but they are versatile also. You can choose diamond jewellery such as earrings, rings, necklaces in metal like yellow gold, platinum, red gold, white gold etc. in your favourite diamond cuts and settings.

But not many people know about the diamond settings. So here are some options of diamond settings to help you make the right choice.

What is a diamond setting?

There are many ways to mount a diamond in your jewellery. This is called the diamond setting. There are different settings with different outlooks. But when it comes to protecting the precious stone, each diamond setting carries some advantages and disadvantages.

Types Of Diamond Setting

There are many varieties of diamond settings available in the market. But here are some important ones-

  1. Prong Setting

The claw setting or the Prong setting is the most popular one. In this setting, the diamond is mounted on the band of the ring by using three to ten prongs. But the prong setting with four or six prongs is the most chosen one.

In this setting, the gemstone is not surrounded by the metal; as a result, it can reflect a lot of lights, and it is more likely to get damaged by the dirt and dust. This setting is mostly used in diamond earrings and rings.

  1. The Case Setting

It is the safest and secure diamond setting because in this setting the diamond is fully secured by the metal strip. This setting is suitable for jewellery that you want to wear on an everyday basis. In this setting, the diamond is fully protected, and it also appears larger.

  1. The Cathedral Setting

There are many different types of ring settings out there, but the Cathedral Setting is the most beautiful one. In this setting, the diamond is mounted by metal arches, so the tower over the rest of the ring looks like a cathedral tower. The height differences can make a call more impressive, and it also makes the diamond larger to see.

But it is not suitable for daily use. It is easier to get caught on clothes and hair. Also, cleaning can be tricky in this setting.

  1. The Tension Setting

It is the most original diamond setting. In this setting, the diamond is gripped between tiny grooves in the metal and held by pressure from the ring band.

In this setting, the diamonds are captured and reflect light in a limited extended area.

  1. Channel Setting

In the Channel setting or Rail setting, lots of diamonds are set closely next to another into channels made from metal rails. This elegant and minimalistic style is a smart option for men, especially with small black diamonds. Also, it is the best option for both his and her engagement ring.

  1. The French Pave

In this setting, diamonds are set into a tiny V-shaped groove with small prongs.

If you want an elegant ring, this setting is just for you.


In this article, we discussed the top 6 trendy diamond earring and ring settings. I hope it will be helpful for your next diamond purchase.