As more and more Americans practice their second amendment right to bear arms, more and more companies are jumping into the game. The gun and gun accessory industry is booming.

Whether you’re a new gun owner or a seasoned professional, it can be difficult to know where to start when accessorizing your firearm. Here is a short list of accessories that make sense for every handgun owner to go out and buy today.

1. A Good Holster

Whether your state allows open carry or is limited to concealed carry, a good holster makes carrying your firearm both comfortable and safe. You may prefer a belt holster, an ankle holster, or a shoulder holster. Go to a gun shop and try each style on. Walk, run, roll with each on to see which feels most comfortable to you.

Once you’ve decided where on your person to carry, look for a holster option that keeps your gun secure regardless of how you move. Be sure that your holster of choice covers the trigger completely to ensure against accidental firing.

Sticking with the better-known brands like Blackhawk holsters or Desantis holsters means you know that you’ll get a quality product.

2. Cleaning Kit

A well-maintained and clean gun is less likely to misfire or malfunction when it is needed. Make sure you always have a good cleaning kit on hand. That means you should have one in your home and one in your car if you take your gun out of the home.

Make sure, when buying your kit, that you find one made specifically for your caliber handgun. It’ll make cleaning more efficient and effective. These kits aren’t expensive, though some come with extras that you don’t likely need. Buy a few, keep them on hand, and use them regularly to make sure your firearm is always at the ready.

3. Personalized Sights

Most manufacturers build 3-dot sights into the stock versions of their handguns. While some gun-makers are better-known than others for the quality and accuracy of these sights, they may not work for you and there are other options.

Maybe you prefer night sights, 2-dot configurations, fiber optic, or laser sights. The only way to know what works best for you and your shooting habits is to try them out. Go to a range, test out the rental options. When something feels right, stick with it.

Gun ownership is a very personal experience. In many cases, you’ll need to shoot to know what works best for you and your firearm. Start your handgun ownership journey with these 3 accessories in mind and go from there. When you find the right solutions for you, stick with them to make your gun your own.