Whether your brows are naturally thin, too light or you overplucked them in the early 2000s and they never grew back, the thick eyebrow trend is probably not your friend. Thicker, well-shaped brows draw attention to your eyes and help shape your face in a beautiful way. Here are four ways that you can get thicker, darker eyebrows.

1. Microblading

Microblading is a great option if you’re looking for a more permanent solution that won’t require any daily upkeep. Microblading Long Island NY is done by taking a sharp blade and making small cuts in the brow area. Each cut will resemble individual hairs that, together, make the brow appear thicker and create a beautiful shape. The artist will then put color over the area that will settle into the cuts, dying them to match your brows. Microblading is semi-permanent and will have to be redone as the color begins to fade. 

2. Pencils

If you don’t want to commit to something long term, eyebrow pencils are a great way to draw on hairs and achieve the look you want. Using a pencil can be incorporated into your daily makeup routine. The benefit of pencils is that the small, pointed tip allows you to draw on individual hairs, making it possible to create a design similar to microblading that looks very natural. Pencils are also great for filling in small areas if your otherwise full brows have spots where hair just won’t grow.

3. Pomades

Unlike pencils, pomades are soft and can be applied with a brush. Some people are able to get a richer, darker look with pomades that is not as easy to achieve with the use of pencils. Pomades are great for covering the entire brow to create a uniform look. With the right brush and some practice, you can also draw on one hair at a time to make it appear more natural.

4. Dye

Another semi-permanent solution is dying your brows. This may be the best option if your brows are already thick but they’re light enough in color that they appear thin against your skin. As long as you use the right dye, this will give you a very natural look since it’s just adding color to your natural eyebrows. This can be done at home or professionally at a salon.

With all of these great options for thicker brows, you’ll never have to feel self-conscious about thin eyebrows again!