While thinking of buying a diamond, many people nowadays look for faux diamonds instead of real ones. There are different reasons why people choose faux diamonds over the real thing. One of the many important reasons is due to its lower price. Well, price is undoubtedly one of the important factors to consider while you want to buy something gorgeous like a piece of jewellery. Also, there are many faux diamonds that are worth spending money on. With Luxuria, you can choose your best one. Before buying one, you need to understand what a faux diamond is and what makes a good faux diamond.

About faux diamond

You may be reading about a faux diamond for the first time, or maybe you own one. Well, this portion can make some of your idea about faux diamond clear. Well, a faux diamond is one that is a stone and it is similar to a real diamond. However, faux diamonds are not made of the same components that constitute an original diamond; it is different in its composition. While purchasing one, you should learn about the properties so that you not get defrauded. A faux diamond, moreover, is different from artificial and created diamonds as well, whose chemical composition is similar to that of the real one.

Identify a good faux diamond

While you take two diamonds in your hand, one is the real one and another is the faux diamond, you should be unable to identify them. If you are confused about which one is the real one, congratulations, you got a good faux diamond. A good faux diamond should look as close as the real one in all its appearance and physical property. Though their chemical composition is different, they should be nearly as hard as the real diamond. Apart from that, they should be nearly clear and colourless, so that when you wear one around your neck or on your fingers, it should look like a real diamond.

Faux vs synthetic diamonds

You should always remember that faux diamonds are not as same as synthetic ones. Unlike faux or fake diamonds, synthetic ones bear a similar chemical composition as that of the original diamond. However, there must be a difference between synthetic and natural diamonds and that is in their origin. While natural diamonds are found in nature and undergo processes before getting their shiny and glorious appearance, synthetic diamonds are made in the laboratory with the help of high pressure and temperature. Also, in the laboratory, they use a similar chemical composition to prepare the synthetic diamonds and that is how it differs from faux diamonds.