Being a sports fanatic, you’d indeed have a couple of jerseys of your favourite team. But jerseys are not only meant to be worn when you’re playing a game or cheering for your favourite team. These sports jerseys are so versatile that you can wear them even when going out and about or on special occasions such as parties, dates or casual day outs.

If you want to know how to wear jerseys, we have got some fantastic styling tips for you. You can pull off a totally cool look in your favourite jerseys following these styling tips.

  • Choose a jersey that suits your style: Just because everyone is wearing jerseys of a particular team, that doesn’t mean you hop on the bandwagon. It would help if you considered the various styling factors before you make your pick. Jerseys come in different styles such as traditional fold-over collars, vertical or horizontal stripes, one or two-button collar options, V-neck, crew neck and much more. Choose the one that flatters your body type.
  • Pick the right bottoms: Since jerseys are often loud and colourful, maintain the overall balance in your style by picking up bottoms that are pretty muted. Jeans, chinos and khaki shorts can be your best bet. If you want to pair it with joggers, make sure it isn’t too baggy. Pairing them with sweatpants will give you a more athletic and street smart look.
  • Complement the look with the right shoes: Your shoes are the essential component of your overall look, which has the capacity to make or break your look. If you’re wearing your jersey with black sweatpants or grey joggers, pair them with white shoes. Converse and sleek running shoes will also work well in your favour. To slay in style, just avoid wearing flip flops or sliders.
  • Layer your look: Take your styling game to a whole new level by layering your jersey with a jacket. Because your jersey is loud, colourful and loaded with prints, wear a plain jacket. Unzip it so that the focus remains on your jersey.
  • Accessorise your look: Any outfit looks incomplete without accessories. Accessorise your sporty look with nice wristwear such as wristbands. To compliment your bold look, a subtle gold or silver wristwatch will definitely maintain the balance of your look. Don’t hesitate to incorporate a simple neckpiece. Avoid the flashy thick chains because they are a total buzzkill.
  • Get the right headgear: If you love wearing caps such as baseball caps, stick for neutral colours such as blue, white or black. Avoid styling them in a quirky way and just wear them straight. During the winter months, you can even wear a plain beanie. Avoid any sort of hats because they will completely rip off your entire cool look.

You can wear jerseys in style for almost any occasion with these styling tips. From a movie date to a coffee date to a casual day out with your friends, style the jersey with jeans, chinos or shorts, and you’re good to go.