Whenever you face the dilemma of “what to wear” and often find yourself staring at your wardrobe blankly, you need to choose the ultimate – a saree. If you have a thriving social life and are often invited to parties and events and have to attend meetings and weddings, having a saree will save you from the horrendous thought of “what to wear” every single time.

Indian and western dresses are everyone’s top choice from meetings to parties, but very few women choose to wear sarees. So wearing a saree is best if you want to stand out from the crowd. But wait, are you in another dilemma of which saree to wear because you’re bombarded with many options? You don’t have to worry anymore because you can always choose the art silk saree as the ultimate fashion choice.

An art silk saree is different from an authentic silk saree because the former is made from artificial silk or synthetic artificial fibre. Because the material isn’t original, these sarees don’t cost you much and are often available at pocket-friendly prices. However, these sarees aren’t made from authentic silk, so they are sub-quality. When you shop from the right store or website, you can be assured of having high-quality art silk sarees.

Since they are becoming widely popular among women these days, you too can stock your wardrobe with silk sarees, and to make your fashion choice more affordable, you can shop for art silk sarees instead. Let’s see the best kinds of art silk sarees you can wear to different events.

  1. Embellished art silk saree: Whether you’re hosting a party or have been invited to one, ditch your Indo-western look for a traditional one by turning up looking stunning in an embellished art silk saree. Dazzle your way through a party in a heavily sequined art silk saree, which will have everyone stunned. You can opt for darker shades such as bottle green, navy, or maroon to make your party look right.
  2. Floral art silk saree: When in doubt, just wear floral. Floral prints are highly recommended because they are so much in trend. Floral art silk sarees will suit the occasion if you attend lowkey events such as a puja or a daytime function. You can buy these sarees in pastel shades. For a nighttime look, stick to darker shades.
  3. Paisley art silk sarees: If you want to stick to something more traditional, paisley art silk sarees are the best. The fine intricate print detailing in these sarees makes them worth the wear. You can wear these sarees to lowkey events where you need to tone down your look but keep it classy and elegant. Available in a range of colours, including pastel shades, these sarees will define your style.

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