There isn’t a single person who does not love the word ‘free’. No matter how wealthy you are, the happiness of getting something for free is unmatched. Considering we expect free “dhaniya and mirchi” whenever we buy vegetables in our country, it’s no surprise that big brands also offer freebies.

But the brands do not get paid for freebies or free samples, so why do they offer free samples or giveaways? How do they benefit from this? Well, to be honest, providing free stuff has a number of advantages for a brand. Here we discuss some of them:

What Are Freebies?

To introduce their product in the market, companies send and give away free samples to their existing and new customers. People love free sample products, especially cosmetics. The samples can be used to try out cosmetic products or try something different for free without having to pay anything.

Nowadays, freebies are plentiful, as they are safer and less risky than launching a high-risk, uncertain product.

Why Do Companies Give Free Samples?

  • Introduction Of New Product

Free samples are generally given away at the start of a product launch by companies. They launch miniature versions of a new product first to see how consumers respond to it and whether it would be profitable or not.

  • Marketing Strategy 

The companies use free samples to promote their products through word-of-mouth marketing. A loyal customer will convince others to love their favourite cosmetics as well.

As a free marketing method, word of mouth is very effective. When the miniature lovers ask others to try the product, they will fall in love with it as well.

  • Creating Brand Loyalty 

Providing free samples builds a loyal customer base with a strong sense of trust. Through samples and freebies, they form a close-knit circle of loyal customers and consider themselves to be privileged and esteemed customers. They also respond and review honestly.

  • Product Positioning

By providing free samples, companies can target the right demographic and create a market before they launch their products. Even before the product is on the market, customers like the samples and become interested in them.

  • Making People Get Used To The Product

You tend to choose the same product the next time you go shopping after trying a new product and finding it suitable for your skin and hair. Free samples serve the same purpose. When you like the sample, you search for it again on the market shelves the next time it works for you. What more could a company ask for? Before the product is officially launched, there is already a satisfied customer.

  • Product Testing 

A cosmetic company launches its miniature cosmetics for sampling and sends them to its loyal customers to test the product’s quality, response and demand. The company tries to determine if the product will be successful or not. Furthermore, they offer these samples through various surveys and contests in order to reach a wider audience.

Hence, free giveaways allow you to trust a brand and its products, which is a practical reason why companies offer them.