Summer is always a great time of the year and comes with a lot of fun. However, the long hours in humid, hot, or dry weather can affect your skin. Acnes are a common problem many beachgoers struggle with now and then.

The skin can also be exposed to harmful UV rays, which cause darker skin due to increased melanin production. Other problems include rashes, sunburn, and itchy skin. The good news?

You can still overcome these problems through proper skin care. And here are the best summer skin care tips to follow:

Face Wash Persistently

You need to get rid of the excess oil in your skin. Use a face wash great for your skin type, and remove all the grime and sticky oil or dirt.

Apply Sunscreen Often 

You shouldn’t have any reservations about wearing sunscreen this summer. However, choose the best sunscreen in the market that offers:

  • Guaranteed protection
  • SPF 30-50
  • Lip protection

You will defend your skin against harsh sun’s UV-A and UV-B rays and deal with stubborn tans or dark spots on your skin.

Keep Moisturizing 

Don’t ditch your moisturizer. Your skin can dry out this summer. However, choose a lighter moisturizer that doesn’t feel heavy on your face. Sample different moisturizers, but pick types with SPF for an extra layer of protection.

Incorporate Antioxidants in Your Skin Care Routine

Antioxidants are great for hydrating the skin and protection against harsh weather conditions. They also boost collagen and eliminate free radicals that damage the skin. Go for antioxidants rich in vitamin A and B.

Avoid Heavy Makeup

Wearing heavy makeup on a hot day is unnecessary. If you are into wearing makeup, let your skin enjoy the break and go lighter on your favorite makeup.

Drink more Water, Juices and Eat Vegetables

Take a minimum of 2-3 litres of water a day. Fresh juices, watermelons, and coconut water help stay hydrated. Water will help flush out harmful toxins from your body. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are also great for your body and help keep the skin healthy.

Best Summer Skin Care Products

There are impeccable products to try as you find even better ways of keeping your skin glowing this summer. They include:

  1. All-around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50+/PA+++

You won’t go wrong by picking this SPF50+/PA+++ sunscreen. It provides long-lasting protection against the sun and will fight signs of aging and skin damage.

The powder is easy to use and provides a fresh skin texture without any irritation. It comes with skin-friendly ingredients that protect the skin against harsh weather conditions. The double-layer UV blocking system will withstand exposure to water or sweat and is non-sticky.

  1. Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence [Mist Type]

Are you looking for the best hydrating, moisturizing, soothing, brightening skin care product? Look no more. Get the Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence.

It comes in mist form and is easy to apply. Once applied, it will freshen and soothe your skin thanks to its unique calming properties. It’s an excellent choice for those with sensitive, easily irritated and acne-prone skin types.

  1. Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser

Get this 2-in-1 foaming cleanser and soothing clay mask today. It helps relieve the skin of irritation and redness. You will also have a great product to reduce the excess production of oils and sebum that affect the skin in many ways.

It’s made from top ingredients like mugwort, a double-fermented Artemisia. It’s an easy to use foam cleanser. Simply, put a suitable amount on your dry hands and spread it evenly on your face. Avoid contact with lips and eyes. Then you can rinse the foam in lukewarm water as you massage your face gently.

Summing Up 

It’s satisfying and healthy to care for your skin, regardless of your age. There are skin care remedies to follow, but you will never go wrong by buying the best skin care products. Feel free to choose Missah Products and care for your skin hassle-free. These products are an ideal choice for sensitive skin. They are easy to use, budget-friendly, and made from the best ingredients. Place an order today.